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Warm greetings!

The passage of the Republic Act 11223 or better known as Universal Health Care (UHC) Law is a game changer in our run towards ensuring access to basic public health services to all Filipinos through the provision of quality health care and regulation of providers of health goods and services. As stewards of public welfare in health systems, we believe this law still sufficiently paves the way for us to continuously help our constituents, the Cagayan Valley people.

With the desire to progressively provide inclusive access to quality, and affordable health care, and protection against financial risk, we shall be pouring out our best responses, actions, and support to the people amidst any health threats such as the COVID-19 pandemic that we have encountered in the past 2 years.

We aim to achieve the new vision for the health sector which is “Filipinos are among the healthiest people in Asia by 2040” by engaging sectors for a health-in-all policies approach and catalyzing the transformation of Local Health Systems into Province/City Wide Health Systems with an emphasis to have a better, equitable health outcome, responsive health system and people with financial risk protection.

The Department of Health – CHD – Cagayan Valley has been doing its role in providing numerous public health programs across all life stages. Challenges such as hard-to-reach areas, time constraints, weather conditions, and the pandemic could not stop the passion of our health workers, front liners, and partners from doing their task of helping the people in the community. Regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation, we make sure that quality health services are provided to everyone, every time, and anywhere in Cagayan Valley.

On our website, we share with you every piece of information on health, our journey, and our mission to promote healthy settings and steer the development of an effective, resilient, equitable, and people-centered health system for Universal Health Care. Indeed, we will continuously strive in instilling the mindset that practice or prevention is better than cure. We have proven that nothing is impossible through your best practices, collaboration, passion, and blessing from our Creator. Thank you, and God bless everyone.